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Providing consultancy

for the marine environment

Preparing for MSC assessment

MSC certification offers many benefits, but is a costly and time-consuming exercise. Assessments also involve publicly highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your fishery. So it makes sense to be sure of how your fishery is likely to perform before starting a main assessment.

We can offer an integrated service to:

Evaluate the readiness of your fishery to proceed to assessment

Identify areas of weakness and propose appropriate solutions

Help to manage your contract with Certifiers

Assist in implementing appropriate solutions

Guidance and representation

During the assessment process, we can help you to deliver targeted and comprehensive submissions to auditors, engage with stakeholders and deliver action plans to address any conditions of certification.

Our aim is to make the assessment stage as fast, straightforward and successful as possible.

Survey, monitoring and assessment

Target stocks, By-catch species, Sea-bed Habitats and Ecosystem function; fishery assessments require evidence of the status of several environmental factors, and the effect of the fishery on each of these. If information is missing, we can assist in designing and implementing appropriate programmes of survey and monitoring.

More importantly, we can target available resources to provide the specific information necessary to achieve and demonstrate environmental sustainability.